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Here Are Some Seriously Scary Halloween Masks

September 07, 2017


This Chuky Mask will certainly bring back those childhood nightmares and scare the pants off just about anyone! 


Whichever side of the political spectrum you're on, this Donald Trump mask should scare the pants off you! Imagine waking up next to that? 


This upside-down head mask would make you quite the freak-show at any Halloween party. 


The V for Vendetta mask is an easy solution to any Halloween party. (Or Antifa rally)


Okay, so this beautiful mask is not scary... but nothing like a bit of contrast, hey?


These clown masks will bring back nightmares from people's childhoods in a heartbeat. 


This guy is ready for Halloween or ready for WW3? I'll let you decide...



You can't have 'scary' without the Emperor's pride and joy. These Star Wars masks will bring the Dark Side to any event.  


This Breaking Bad full hazmat suit is really cool! 


And last but certainly not least, the ultimate in Halloween attire... the JASON MASK


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