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Miracle Shower Experience FAQ


1. Installation

The Miracle Shower Experience shower head has a standard fitting for most shower hoses. Simply unscrew your old one and replace with your new shower head. 

If you don't already have a shower hose, you can purchase one here and we will pay the shipping costs: Stainless Steel Shower Hose 5 Foot Long.


1. Replacement Stones

For best results, it is best to replace the mineral stones periodically. The timeframe depends on the quality of your water and how often the shower is used. We recommend to change them every 3-6 months. 

 To save 33% off the retail price, simply purchase 3 sets of replacement mineral stones and use coupon 33OFFSTONES at checkout: Replacement Stones

3. Will this shower head really give me softer, smoother skin? 

Yes. With most regular shower-heads, all the impurities in your tap water are passed directly through and on to your body, often causing dry skin and an oil gland imbalance. The purifying effect of its bioactive stones will help to restore your oil glands’ natural balance.

4. Will my hair be softer and become less tangled and frizzy?

Many of our happy customers have reported to us that their hair is much softer, sometimes even after their first shower. And with the infusion of negative ions in your water, it will also improve nutrient absorption leaving your hair less oily and dry.